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2021 Water Polo Summer Registration

Welcome to the Norcross Blue Devils Summer Water Polo Registration. Summer practices allow experienced players to continue working on their skills and new players to learn the sport in a non-competitive environment. You must complete the following to participate in the summer program.

1. Norcross WP Registration (current form). $30 fee for first Player and $25 per additional player.

2. West Gwinnett Aquatic Registration: Catalog - Gwinnett Community Services (rec1.com)  https://www.gwinnettcounty.com/web/gwinnett/departments/communityservices/parksandrecreation/aquatics 

3. Ensure your players American Water Polo Membership is up to date: https://americanwaterpolo.org/

Practice runs from June 7 - July 14 (no practice July 5th).  Practices are two days a week, Monday/Wednesday 7:10 pm - 9:00 pm. All practices are held at the West Gwinnett Aquatic Center. 

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Athelete 2 Participated in 2021 Spring Water Polo Season

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Eyewear Waiver

Please note that it is UNSAFE to play or practice water polo while wearing prescription eyewear due to the potential for eye injury. Soft lens, pool-safe contact lenses ARE permitted. A mouthpiece is strongly recommended especially if you have braces or a permanent retainer.

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Photo Waiver

I agree to allow Norcross Water Polo, Inc. to use the Athlete’s name, voice, image, and likeness in video or still image for Club or league promotion.

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COVID Guidelines

Norcross Blue Devils Water Polo will practice this Summer Session with caution. In addition to below,  Plans will be altered, enhanced, or eliminated as needed. We’ll do our best to communicate changes in advance, but there might be last minute changes.


Follow American Water Polo and West Gwinnett Aquatic Center requirements and recommendations

  • Wear a mask from your car until you put down your gear, and same on exit
  • Keep social distancing at all times, including when entering/exiting the facility
  • No one except players and coaches inside the West Gwinnett Aquatic Center doors, unless otherwise directed by coaches or staff
  • Non-player drivers/riders are not allowed to congregate inside the WGAC facility. They may wait in their cars or outdoors if they follow appropriate social distancing practices.
  • Players please don’t try to enter the facility more than 10 minutes before practice start time. Make way for others who are leaving.
  • All coaches and players must have current AWP membership before they can enter.
  • If YOU don’t feel well, then YOU need to stay home. 
  • All balls/gear will be disinfected pervious to being handled by players and at the end of practice before equipment is put away. Water Polo will provide sanitizing solution to clean gear.
  •  Norcross Water Polo will adjust restrictions in consultation with WGAC.
  • Positive Test Procedure
  1. The individual should let either Coach Kyle or Coach Harrison know immediately.
  2. Athletes and staff must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COIVD-19.
  3. WGPAC management will be notified promptly of any players that test positive or who are experiencing symptoms.
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Medical Waiver

My child or “I” if aged 18 or older (either being the “Participant”) wishes to participate in the Norcross Blue Devil Water Polo program “Program”. I have read the Water Polo COVID practice guidelines and agree to abide by these rules. I also understand that no steps can be 100% in preventing the Covid-19 or any other illness from being spread. I accept that it is my decision to allow my child/ children to participate under the current world situation.

The undersigned certifies that the Participant is in good health and has no physical or other impediment which would endanger the Participant while participating in the Program, and that the Participant has been released and authorized by a doctor to participate in the Program. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that activities in the Program have inherent risks and has full knowledge of the nature and extent of the risks associated with these activities and that they could include serious injury and death. The Program can result in serious injury or death including drowning from any number of causes including incidents with other players, of falls on deck etc. Any incident in the Program can lead to serious injury, head injuries, paralysis and death. The undersigned knowingly and freely assumes all such risks on behalf of the Participant. In consideration of the Participant’s participation in these activities, the undersigned hereby (on behalf of myself, my legal representatives, parents, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns) releases and forever discharges the Norcross Blue Devil Water Polo program including its officers, directors, volunteers, agents and coaches from and relinquish and forever waive, any and all claims and causes of action arising out of participation in the Program for negligence, gross negligence, and such other actionable conduct resulting in personal or bodily injury, property damage or death.

By registering the above-named Athlete for the Norcross Water Polo, Inc. program, I and my child (the Athlete) recognize and acknowledge that water polo is a strenuous, co-ed, contact sport. The Athlete is able to swim in deep water.

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